As a building gets older, it gets physically older; accordingly, its efficiency declines and maintenance cost incline.
The building's value also drops. Change of time and way of thinking also wants a new style of the building. It is called remodeling to renovate or alter the structure or style of a building, instead of tearing it down, in order to keep its high efficiency and its longevity both physically and aesthetically. Remodeling can result in reduction of maintenance costs and raise of rents, which are beneficial to the building owner, provided that an expert's accurate diagnosis, economical analysis and planning should come first.

Generally, remodeling takes a shorter period of time than constructing a new building. With 60%-70% of the total costs for constructing a new building, you can have an almost new building. If the materials on the old building are reusable, only 30%-40% of the total costs for constructing a new building can needed for remodeling. Pleasant work space raises your productivity and environment friendly atmosphere helps your health. By adding new technology to your building or house, you can save both energy and manpower. Remodeling will make your building more convenient and revamp its image.

Not only remodeling consulting, design and construction, we also offer study on investment and its return, and feasibility when you inquire about remodeling.