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Since its foundation in 1980, Kang Won Construction has grown rapidly through the hardships in cultivating our market as well as creating environmental friendly buildings. In spite of the numerous trials and errors, and failures we experienced, we've never stopped doing our best to create pleasant living environment We take great pride in our creative buildings and structures and our service to the communities. We have focused on, what we call, "Green Construction", which is pursuing a harmony of humans and the nature. In other words, we have created the unique interior and exterior design that blend to the beauty of the natural environment; contributing to the happiness of our customers and their tenants.

Kang Won Construction is also proud of our top technologies in the industry, which has been developed for the past 31 years. These technologies enable us to shorten construction turnarounds and save costs. By removing bubbles of total construction costs, we try to minimize the financial burden of our customers. Only Kang Won construction has this know-how. We value our relationships with customers. As a result of our efforts to think from the building owners' point of view, we have had no trouble with building owners, not even once, in 31 years.Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. Let us know the number of your family members, area size, house style and theme, whatever you dream of. We can make your dream house.Not only build a new house, but we can also remodel your house to fit your taste and the current trend.To Kang Won Construction, customers come first than anything else. We look forward to meeting with you.


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